Sedation/Sleep Dentistry

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Sedation/Sleep Dentistry

Ensuring that our patients have a positive and pain-free dental experience is a top priority.  Often a visit to the dentist is associated with fear and anxiety in patients.  Studies has revealed that more than half of the population suffers from some degree of fear and anxiety about visiting the dentist; in some cases so severe that people avoid getting dental care all together.  At Burton Dental, we use gentle and kind techniques that make most every visit pleasant and painless.  But for patients who need a little extra help to overcome fears and anxiety, we offer several types of sedation to help you get the care you need in a relaxed and stress-free way.

IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)

IV conscious sedation entails administering a small amount of medication intraveneously which lets the patient gently drift into a light sleep state.  This helps patients who would otherwise be upset and bothered by the sounds and sensations of the dental office to rest calmly and comfortably while their dental work is completed and in many cases, have no recollection of the treatment at all.   Though most commonly used during dental surgeries such as wisdom tooth removal, IV sedation can be administered during any procedure in our office, no matter how seemingly small or simple.  It is a great option for very anxious patients and allows them a way to be able to get the care they need to keep their teeth healthy and strong.  Dr. Brigham Burton is the only dentist in the Ogden Valley certified and licensed to administer IV sedation to patients.  He is also  trained and certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and emergency care.  He is a member of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology and follows all of the latest protocols and techniques to ensure that each patient is cared for safely and effectively.

Oral Sedation (Pills)

Oral (pill) Sedation is an excellent option for those patients that may have mild fears or anxiety about visiting the dentist. Has the fear of dentistry kept you from even getting a cavity fixed or even your teeth cleaned?  We call it “dentistry with a little pill” and it allows you to have your exam and treatment comfortably. You will often have little to no memory of your experience and best of all; you will have a beautiful smile, healthy teeth and gums and a renewed confidence in your personal interactions. Ask our staff for the “little pill” when you call for an appointment at our Eden office. We will be certain to explain everything and help determine if oral sedation is right for you.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) Sedation

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